Winner Designs / 2017-2018
Awarded Works
Butterfly Migration>Bracelet / Earring / Mask Design by:Fang,Jianqiu (China)
Autum Bride > Ring Design by:Luis Fabián Figueroa Proaño (Ecuador)
Petrified>Necklace Design by:Sarah Poupart(France)
Finalist Enties
The Seventh Day>Necklace Design by:Fu,Lanqi (China)
Time Imprint>Necklace Design by:Huang,Yuzhu (China)
Buddhist Light>Necklace Design by:Chen,Zhen (China)
Flowers in the Morning >Hair Accessories Design by:Ke,Yahui (China)
Hourglass Glasses>Glasses Design by: Huang,Yingya (China)
The Marks of Maturity>Earring Design by:Pallavi Verma (India)
Pond>Ring Design by:Lin,Jiang (China)
Marine Garbage>Necklace Design by:Xie,Xiaona (China)
Vortex Cuff Links>Cuff Link Design by: Meng Zhang&Leonid Krykhti (China&Russia)
Vortex Mask>Mask Design by:Meng Zhang&Leonid Krykhti (China&Russia)
Corrosion>Bracelet / Earring / Brooch Design by: Cai,Caili (China)
Flow>Brooch / Necklace Design by: Chen,Yanya (China)
Little Red>Earring Design by: Jiang,Huisi (China)
Water Ripples>> Brooch Design by:Lv,Hui (China)
Stone>Brooch Design by: Chen,Zhiyuan (China)
Deep Ocean>Necklace Design by:Philipp Schaake (Germany)
Wing>Necklace Design by:Shao,Zitong (China)
A Thousand-Fold>Brooch Design by:Grigoriu Mara (Romania)
Under Moonlight,on the Lake>Ring Design by: Zeng,Qi (China)
Blooming>Brooch/Necklace/Ring Design by:Zheng,Qiaoling (China)
The Shrine of Deep Ocean> Earring Design by:Li,Sihui (China)
Drawed Jewelry>Brooch / Necklace / Ring Design by:Fu,Lanqi (China)
Spring>Necklace / Earring / Ring Design by:Wang,Kexin (China)
Wind>Ring Design by: Tian,Xiuling (China)
Emissive Wave>Bracelet Design by:Chen,Shenqi (China)
Birds' Twitter and Fragrance of Flowers>Brooch Design by:Huang,Xiangmin (China)
Soft-Hard>Brooch Design by:Zhang,Xiaoye (China)
The Salt of the Earth — Polar>Brooch Design by:Xie,Qian (China)
Form & Soul>Ring Design by:Duo,Cong&Zhu,Te (China)
Flower Soul>Brooch Design by: Liu,Mengdi (China)
Growing>Brooch Design by:Xu,Mudan (China)
Ice Flowers>Ring Design by:Zhou,Guimei (China)
Mountain>Necklace Design by: Mao,Jing (China)
Protective Coloration>Ring Design by:Li,Xueqian (China)
The Lotus>Bracelet Design by: Huang,Yuzhu (China)
High Mountain and Flowing Water>Necklace Design by:Zhu,Wenjun (China)
Calla Lily Earrings>Earring Design by: Ma,Chenqi (China)
Fluorescence·Tide>Ring Design by:Yu,Ni (China)
Symbiosis>Brooch Design by:Jiang,Qian (China)
The Stories in the Forest>Pendant Design by:Zhao,Yanmin(China)
Night Animal>Brooch Design by: Weng,Chumeng (China)
A Corner of Jungle>Necklace Design by:Zhang,Simin (China)
One Tree One Life> Earring Design by:Krishma S Jain (India)
Wind in Early Autumn>Necklace Design by: Zhu,Wenjun (China)
Self Protector>Ring Design by:Jiang,Qian (China)
Trace of Winter>Ring / Brooch Design by: Zhang,Yawen (China)
Bamboo after Autumn Rain>Necklace / Earring Design by:Liang,Shu (China)
Buddha>Necklace Design by:Chen,Lu (China)
A Succulent Life>Pendant Design by:Wu,Shuyu (China)
Wish.Circle>Earring Design by:Chen,Siqi (China)