The shortlist of the second MIC Contest were announced

The publicity period of the second shortlisted works of MIC creative master international jewelry design competition has ended on August 2, 2020. Thank you to all the people from all walks of life who put forward their opinions, support and pay attention to the evaluation results during the publicity period.423.jpg

The Organizing Committee of the competition and the international jury finally confirmed the qualification of 38 entries. The final work and inspiration are as follows:

Works are ranked in no order——


Luxury braces


Modern medical hairdressing excessive publicity leads people to recognize the great deviation to beauty, cold sweeping dental cosmetic tool in people's face, a virtual high shiny luxury atmosphere, but in fact maybe many people's eyes can see beauty is not the real value, just brought about by the cheap material decoration and little I will change the appearance of levels the whole fang band structure and form to exaggeration amplification and diamond form to performance in the combination of great beauty The halo shines below the hidden aesthetic truth of the society, through the mask style of the huge frame of the human face shape foil the consumerist era of fantasy trap .


Cramp Butterfly


Curium porcelain is an ancient folk crafts in China, is to use metal JuZi like staple, has broken porcelain, to fix up and give China a special technology will this new unique repair technology used in jewelry design, broken ancient ceramics has long been beyond recognition, but through the use of curium porcelain technology make it reappeared in the face of butterfly brooches, butterfly and vision of curium porcelain process, just like the old new, and as a new expression of the traditional process, through the thoughts of roaming the old process, the old material is qualitative with rebirth, show the beauty of its rebirth.


Blow • Imprinting

Designer:Zhou, Hengfeng

Grandma died when I was small, she gave me the deepest impression is that she while smoking and told me that story that does not seem to never speak, I always likes to play with matches and the empty cigarette case, grandmother taught me to the transparent plastic film blowing cigarette packets, surprised to find that I had nothing on the plastic film left on the cigarette case of imprinting, although very short, but on the bottom of my heart.



Between Reality and Illusion

Designer:Liao Shu-Fen & Wang Hao-Chen

Reinterpreting the Revival of Jade Dragon Pendant (Middle Waring States Peried (276BCE)A unique form of dynamic illusory art) with Optical Illusion Animation.

作品公示-作品合图_画板 1.jpg



Black holes -the most mysterious phenomenon of the universe is born when gravity overpowers a dying giant star in a limitless process of compression leading to a true singularity which defies the law of time and space.Nothing including light can escape the gravity of blackhole and the periphery of this gravity results in the creation of a beautiful event horizon where even time get distorted, crossing which there is no option but to become one with singularity.The most mysterious event in the universe makes you wonder is this a portal to another universe or is it a pre cursor to a worm hole to enable intergalactic travel or is it the most powerful force in nature.What a mind boggle – this concept certainly makes you think at just how expanse, mysterious and multifarious the cosmos is.


Dim lights


Whenever festivals come, roadside trees surrounded by lights, colorful lights around the tree and tree body, bring people to the festival happy this design for inspiration, open mind, if the lamp itself is longer than the pine tree, so won't be evergreen pine colour, but the scene of colorful lights decayed.



Designer:Zhang, Huiliang

Our planet has existed for about 4.5 billion years, and life has existed for 3.5 billion years since the beginning of the universe. The history of mankind is only 3 million years. Sponges have existed on the earth for more than 500 million years. After five mass extinctions, they still exist as before.


Within the Period

Designer:Xu, Congshan

How does time erase memories? Works from the text of personal memory perspective, with the common forms of punctuation to build a kind of inside and outside space, to its excellent performance reduction and growth of memory I imagine, they may be due to the time desolate mountains may disappear as data novel light shadow heroine borrow past memories reconstruction, let people find that the original memory just pretends the past jewelry to wear can be seen as a memory carrying, and review it is back to the past, confirm the present process of diary again find time will past living memory dusty tampered with, so choose to expose ", showing the reality recorded behind the changed status quo: free growth, reorganization and dissolution, leaving precious counterfeit goods.


Pill’s carnival


In medicine is the essential element in living it, but some modern people rely too much on and take too much vitamin antibiotic drugs itself as a health auxiliary function such as things gradually be attached on the value of consumerism, as modern people reveal wealth increasing deserve to act the role of the body as outages and jewelry I will common retaining ring structure is extracted by changing the size and number to represent medicine in people's minds of premium, medicine and methods of product design process both interesting and practical. 


Extension • control


The whole work contains part of the characteristics of cyberpunk culture that designers pay attention to. The theme of the work aims to reflect the rapid development of modern science and technology, big data, artificial intelligence and so on. It has a positive impact on human thinking and creativity, and carries the crisis and anxiety that has a huge impact on traditional human behavior and emotional, a human invention, represents the cold analysis process of things in the information age. The zipper tears open the head of people, revealing the crystallization of human civilization and ideological culture. The tentacles that extend around like cables symbolize the information society and network era. Due to the rapid development of network information, our access to knowledge and information is constantly increasing. The network also assists the "extension" of human ideas and creativity and the rapid spread of information in a large area. The huge amount of information sharing greatly promotes human creativity and imagination. This is of positive significance to human development, and its side effects are also slowly showing Now. The "low headed people" in the main street are kidnapped by the refreshing network entertainment information every hour and second. The network entertainment culture takes up most of the leisure time of life. The black cable is growing up and proliferating slowly, and it is also slowly infecting and controlling human's original. However, no matter in any era, development is always accompanied by crisis, but only crisis can constantly promote us to develop and change.


Gone with the wind


Every seed has its own daemon guard wind blowing, dandelion seeds dispersed with the wind, the spirit holding the dandelion seeds began the journey of life.


Fluorescence knight

Designer:Liu, Yawen

Thought of roaming is beyond reality, and the work in martial arts, for inspiration, martial arts is adult fairy tales don't know how to provoke our reality, all like fairy tale in Chinese martial arts in the story so warrior wearing hats for the design elements, upstream of the chivalrous under head is equipped with the starry sky, illuminated by the torch was awakened by noise in the middle of the night, was a sword Pierce the silence, is the horseshoe started up mud, they are the river's lake scenery with the ocean in their thoughts, their hearts filled with the journey.


Chasing light

Designer:Li, Yang

An adult world which have so easy, sometimes has already can't distinguish true and false and the false or true adults carry too many chains, confused please help themselves, etc., are sucking us but we are working to forward again, try to live, and Gatsby, Fitzgerald's life are eager to green, its each of us has belonged to own a beam of light in the heart may be that light hope is a belief is a dream is one thing or a person, always drives us forward and to pursue their own light.



Designer:Ye, Xiaodan

Every time I wake up in the morning and open my eyes, I will see all the flowers in full bloom and the sunlight shining through the gorgeous color blocks on my face. Everything is so beautiful and vibrant. The world is very beautiful. 


Food tonic black sesame

Designer:Jiang, Fengyang

"Black sesame seed helps hair growth, wolfberry improves vision, and chrysanthemums clears internal heat". These are the remarks that adults have kept nagging since we were very young. Because food concept has been deeply rooted in Chinese diet culture and traditional Chinese medicine concepts since ancient times, it is widely recognized and accepted by Chinese people. The so-called "tonic food" refers to take specific foods to improve bodily functions. There is an English proverb "we are what we eat" while we have a similar old saying in Chinese “we are what we supplement”. I found that in the Chinese culture of tonic food, the effect of a tonic food is usually related to a specific body part. Thus, in this project focus on the magical connection between different parts of human body and tonic foods, presenting them in different ways of wearing jewelry.


Spirit · structure

Designer:Mai, Yang

Works inspired by traditional GuangXiu embroidery birds theme, extract GuangXiu birds form color features, combined with the GuangXiu embroidery method of three-dimensional technique, to try new things, but also retain GuangXiu traditional craft in the process of transformation, starting from the relationship with the human body, let birds like plate on the shoulder, deepen traditional GuangXiu its relationship with modern and traditional GuangXiu intangible cultural heritages, through the style of the modern technique, to continue in another form.


Fish inbetween fingers

Designer:Li, Xue'en

People's thought is like a tree of wisdom. It grows from a tree sapling and slowly becomes leafy, which accompanies one's whole life.Although the body in the universe is negligible, the thought is to include the entire universe.Athena is the goddess of wisdom, Athena's aegis of sealed medusa, she is a beauty and ugliness, good and evil, love and hate intertwined contradiction, and our thoughts and wisdom is always march in the contradiction.I use the tree as a design theme of thought, and the shape of the tree into a hairpin, like growth from the brain thoughts, feelings, contradiction and wisdom .Like tree, like medusa head of the snake .Indicates the wisdom and the thought of forward forever wandering in the beauty and ugliness, good and evil, love and hate. 



Imagination of the four seasons

Designer:Jiang, Baoluo

Ginkgo appeared hundreds of millions of years ago, has the reputation of a living fossil. Ginkgo stands for firmness and composure. It passes through the vigor of spring, the passion of summer, the intensity of autumn in the same form, and finally bears fruit as white as winter snow. Ginkgo biloba flies through the seasons, connecting all things, thoughts shuttle back and forth, breathing the fragrance from the soul, creating a silent melody. 



Designer:Tan, Yunxia & Li, Jun

Moral: the combination of Caragana red bellied feather and Pearl shows the organic combination of ideal and traditional culture, colorful life and bright prospects. It not only represents noble love, but also has the symbolic significance of unity, harmony and future ", which condenses the spirit of the times and aesthetic form of the Chinese nation.Cultural connotation:1. Traditional Chinese culture: Ancient Chinese have totem worship of birds. At the Hemudu cultural site 7000 years ago, an ivory dish shaped utensil with double birds and sunrise patterns was unearthed. On both sides of the utensil, there are Phoenix birds with wings, round eyes, beaks, necks, heads raised, and the sun, which vividly reflects the ancestors' worship of the birds who know the time and the sun that shines on all things after the invention of primitive agriculture. The well-known sanzuwu was originally the "Sun Bird" in China. The gold ornament of "sun god bird" in Jinsha of Sichuan Province, which is used as the symbol of Chinese cultural heritage, is also the shape of four divine birds flying around the sun. This dual worship of the sun and birds has promoted the birth of Phoenix, an important image of Chinese culture.2. Practical significance:The combination of feathers and pearls represents happiness and a bright future, and symbolizes nature, harmony and beauty. 


Nostalgia dreams

Designer:Yu, Ni

The word of man says that the dream is one of the subconscious and God books. It's the only way to get through the world. Its mystery, like right and wrong, feelings, records, experience and must be very real, said to be true, and finally is a dream. I dream every night, and often dream of the fairyland. All of them are different from the floating world, and the life of essence shuttles among them. Every night I am called good, if I belong to this secular world. Yu Su read, "the ancients visited the country of Huaxu, and those who enjoyed it boundlessly would not have been the dream of Huaxu." At that time, it was new. However, when I was conscious of it, I was left with an uneven legacy, and I couldn't part with the dream. This is why I was disappointed.



Designer:Liu, Shuai

Everyone will make a sense of life between the beautiful ideal and the helplessness of reality, sometimes sober and sometimes confused, the elephant's heaviness and the struggling balloon are not the mappings of our life, this design uses the language of jewelry design to express the surrealism. 



Designer:Huang, JingKun

Inspired by Tai Chi in ancient Chinese philosophy, the beautiful and three-dimensional abstract Yin and Yang fish can be either a perfect whole or an independent group. The concept of Tai Chi contains philosophical thinking that is clear and intelligent. It complies with the law of virtue and nature and is not restricted by external things. 


Hearing the heartbeat of a cloud

Designer:Jin, Xueling

The inspiration of this work comes from my thinking about life. The constant acceleration of the pace of life makes me feel that people are like clouds in the wind. This is leisurely freedom, but sometimes they have to be reshaped to move forward. In fact, these seemingly similar clouds have soft hearts with different temperatures, and they need to be embraced and listened to. On the back of this work, there is another heart that can "beat". When wearing, the wearer can clearly feel the "heartbeat" of the cloud. I hope to use this work to appeal to all of you to find a place for your mind to rest and release your softness.


The Dandelion’s Journey to the Moon

Designer:Chen, Yingzhen

When the moon climbs up high, the dandelion begins to dream of travelling with the moon to look around the beautiful world.At the midnight, the dandelion, glistering with dew, finally has a dream about itself flying to the moon. Its dew sparkles in the moonlight. All of a sudden, a wind blows, and the dandelion turns into twinkling stars in the Milky Way. The beauty of life lies in the unreachable dreams. The dandelion is born to be a pursuer of dreams, who symbolises the sprout of hope with vitality. Its dream comes true when it finally flies to the moon to travel with it. In the piece of jewellery, the silver ring symbolises the moon, while the silver with black plating is the dandelion’s silhouette in the moonlight. The pearl speaks of dews and twinkling stars. 


Source of thought

Designer:Yan, Mingyu

The flow of ideas, one brilliant idea after another. 


The Phantom of Fish with Butterfly’s Wings in Zhuangzhou’s Dream

Designer:Tian, Zejun

This butterfly-wing fish is in gorgeous color. It commonly swims in the sea at ease. It looks ethereal and agile, like a dream and is in virtual reality. Therefore, it reminds me of the butterfly in Zhou Zhuang's dream, which represents Zhuangzi's poetic Taoist Philosophy. 


Rainbow Lotus

Designer:Christine de Vogel

I love it when a piece of jewelry has an extra ‘element’ that gives you a moment to be surprised. In this design,I used a Quartz in a special cut (I designed myself), which multiplies what’s underneath it. By turning a wheel, the colored gemstones under it will be multiplied, which gives a hypnotizing effect and shows a rainbow of color.


Special perception

Designer:Chen, Yanya

Using different lens effect, cooperate with pearl, this series is about the autistic special perception of the eye works through the combination of narrow magnifying glass mirror and pearl, bring the viewer unusual special visual effect, the author the wearer and viewers have subtle visual perception among I see this process as more find resonance from person to person.