May 3, 2018 MIC Contest Final Assessment

The Final Evaluation Meeting in Antwerp of MIC Contest,Creative Master Award came into being!


The first MIC Contest was initiated by Bazaar’s Charity Star and jointly held by Harper’s Bazaar, Stars Cluster Jewelry Management and Dreamworks Jewelry Enterprise Management. Special sponsor Gangtai Group held the controlling share. The final evaluation meeting was held at Paleis Op De Meir Meir Palace in Antwerp, Belgium on May 3, 2018, and a grand international banquet was held at Kasteel Den Brandt Castle. 


Antwerp Vice Mayor Ludo Vancampenhout, MIC Contest co-sponsor Harper’s Bazaar representative, Bazaar’s Charity Star founder Shi Yan, MIC Contest co-sponsor,  Stars Cluster chairman Wu Qiang, MIC Contest exclusive name business firm Gangtai Group’s President Zhao Ruijun, Executive Vice President Zhang Jianbing, consultant Jiang Jun of MIC Contest, and The Associated Press (AP), Gazet Van Antwerp (Gva), Laatste Nieuws and many other international well-known media jointly witnessed the announcement of the final results of the competition.

An unprecedented team of international judges

Master's Vision Focuses on New Creativity


High Level International Jury

The final evaluation panel brought together Jennie Baeten, a historical artist, Laurent-Max De Cock, an international jewelry designer, Andrea Buccellati, honorary chairman and director of product design of BUCCELLATI, Italy, Veerle Van Wilder, professor of St. Lucas University College, Brussels, and Norman Cherry, former vice president of Lincoln University, UK. Rry, founder and creative director of TTF Haute Joaillerie brand Wu Fenghua, Herman Hermsen, professor of jewelry design department of Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts, Germany, co-founder of Akimia Institute of Contemporary Jewelry, Italy & president, professor Lucia Massei, Royal Florence Academy of Fine Arts, president of Swarovski Gemstone Business in Greater China, Huang Junjie, a renowned fashion critic in New York, Cynthia Livingston, chairman of the Bravado Design Board, a renowned jewelry expert in London, an Instagram Internet celebrity, Joanna Hardy, and other top masters and industry celebrities from all over the world.

The panel discussion was unprecedentedly heated

Creative Master Award came into being


On-site professional seriousness of final evaluation meeting

The finalists were selected from 1,300 high-quality works from around the world, including from the University of the Arts London, Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Parsons The New School for Design and Tsinghua University. Students' works are from top universities in the world, as well as excellent works from well-known design institutes, independent studios, independent designers and cross-border designers.


The judges had a heated discussion at the jury meeting

After two rounds of rigorous screening and heated discussion, the judges of MIC Contest finally selected the Most Creative Award, the Most Innovative Award and the Most Original Use of Materials Award.


Jury Chairman Max Mediates Differences

During the second round of evaluation and discussion, the judges from different countries and cultures held different opinions. On-site debates continued and climax occurred. Jury Chairman Max and competition chief planner Jennie stepped up several times to mediate disputes. Even when there was a deadlock, they asked the organizing committee staff to express their opinions in order to make more diverse voice inspires judges.



Judges are fond of the works

Max, the chairman of the jury of the competition, said, "I can see which works were made by the participant themselves. They gave the works life and soul. I can see the enthusiasm and mood contained in the works." Andrea, honorary chairman and product design director of BUCCELLATI, said that he saw a lot of creative ideas in the entries and that the competition provided a broad platform for young designers to show themselves. Jennie, the chief planner of the contest, used "Perfect" to describe some of her favorite works, which can be said to be highly praised.

In addition to affirmation and praise, the judges also put forward their own opinions and views. Wu Fenghua, founder and creative director of TTF Haute Joaillerie brand, believed that the entries initially reached the original intention of promoting innovation in the contest, while judges from different countries and backgrounds had different understandings of culture and creativity. Herman Hermsen, professor of jewelry design at Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts, Germany, believes that some of the works have not broken the shackles of the inherent design model, and expects more young generations to join the competition to bring new creative ideas.

Continuous Exploration of New International Strength

Promoting in-depth exchanges between Chinese and Western jewelry industries

The final evaluation of MIC Contest was held at Kasteel Den Brandt, this is a typical European celebrity dinner attended by Ludo Vancampenhout, Deputy Mayor of Antwerp and a group of guests.


Ludo Vancampenhout, Deputy Mayor of Antwerp

At the dinner, Deputy Mayor Ludo Vancampenhout shared the development of Antwerp, the diamond capital. He believed that the arrival of MIC Contest made Antwerp the focus of attention in the world's fashion and jewelry circles once again, and contributed to promoting friendly exchanges between China and Belgium.

Jennie, the chief planner of the competition, announced and personally displayed three award-winning works at the dinner. At the same time, with the witness of all the media and guests, he announced the theme of the next MIC Creative Masters Competition: "To wonder (travel in your mind)"! It triggered a huge response on the scene.


Speeches by Mr. Zhao Ruijun, Ms. Shi Yan and Mr. Wu Qiang at dinner

MIC Contest exclusive name business firm Gangtai Group’s President Zhao Ruijun  hopes to continuously excavate a large number of excellent designers through long-term cooperation with the competition, promote the upgrade of jewelry consumption and promote the prosperity and development of the industry; Shi Yan, the co-sponsor of MIC Contest, is the representative of Harper’s Bazaar and the founder of Bazaar’s Charity Star. She shared her early experience of studying at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, expressing Bazaar's expectation to work with the competition to bring a real sense of design, fashion and even good design into life to the fashion world. Wu Qiang, co-sponsor of MIC Contest and chairman of Star Cluster, thinks that the competition is both open and flexible . Inclusive international platform, with strong resource strength and avant-garde international vision. Although there is regrettable in the first session, I believe that with the unremitting efforts of the members of the Committee of the Whole, MIC will become a brand event to continuously tap new cutting-edge design strength.


The Organizing Committee of the Competition toasted at the dinner party

Representatives of the MIC Organizing Committee of the Competition expressed their sincere thanks to the guests, the jury and the media. The success of the first contest can not be separated from the support and help of all walks of life. I hope the contest will be better and better.

The banquet is a perfect collision and fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. The professional spirit of the MIC Organizing Committee impressed every guest that evening. All the guests are looking forward to the next competition.

The combination of jewelry and fashion

Help jewelry industry upgrade in an all-round way


MIC Contest is an open-minded and boundless inspiration. It has attracted wide attention from all walks of life in the world and has become an international jewelry design competition with the widest audience coverage and the strongest social attraction. All the award-winning works will be exhibited in the following extensive tour activities. The award ceremony will be held in September this year. Let's look forward to the birth of a new trend vane for fashion jewelry.